Don't Let Rats Reside in Your Home

Don't Let Rats Reside in Your Home

Rodent control services in Fishers, IN and the surrounding area

Rats, mice and other rodents will startle you at first sight, especially if they're inside your home. Don't try and take care of any rodent issue on your own. These animals carry a variety of diseases and can cause extensive damage to your property. Call Larry's Pest Solutions as soon as possible for prompt rodent control services in Fishers, IN and the surrounding area.

Find out which program works for your needs

Through different entrapment and exclusion techniques, Larry's Pest Solutions can eliminate rodents from your home. For your service, you can choose our 90-day program or you can choose a yearly programm where we visit your property three times a year.

For the 90 day program, we will set up baits for rats, mice and other rodents. We'll discover entry points and suggest that you close those points to prevent further infestation. If you don't have the time or the tools, we can seal entry points for a small fee.

For the yearly program, we will visit your home three times a year to eliminate any rodents. You can call us anytime for immediate service throghout the year.

Get ahead of your rodent problem in Fishers, IN. Call Larry's Pest Solutions today to kick mice and rats out of your home.